First Steps towards your Business

I wanted to own and run a business, but what business idea would I peruse? What niche would I be tapping into? It wasn’t easy deciding what to do. All I knew is I wanted to get a business up and running, I wanted to amount to something. I was already in University, so obviously in a few years I would’ve completed school, would’ve had a formal education and would’ve known what to do. In school it’s easier, you have subject outlines, and you can count on the year to generally follow the various outlines. Going down the entrepreneurial path means a lot less structure that one is used to, you MUST have a plan of attack or you’ll thrown in the towel very easily.


Impatient steps towards a business Idea

But 2 more years? That was too long, I wanted results now, and I wanted something else to do apart from school work to do. Nothing had eventuated as yet, my thoughts, my goals where nothing but dreams and aspirations. One day I decided to act on a thought, something that had always bothered me. It had nothing to do with the business I wanted to own and run. I emailed the general Manager of a local paper; Post Courier dishing out suggestions that would help with the sales of papers.

Just like that I had a job as a freelance journalist! I had only just completed my third year at the Pacific Adventist University and was waiting to start my practicum. This was when I got my first taste of what multitasking in the workforce could possibly be like. I was a 20 year old 3rd year Physics Math Major developing Policies for infrastructure development in research, science and technology at a recently established secretariat as well as a freelance journalist for one of two local newspapers in Papua New Guinea.

Utilize opportunities

Working for the paper and encouraged me to engage in online journalism courses, courses that gave me insight that I wouldn’t have gained otherwise. Learning various terms, writing techniques and publishing avenues. The initial interest in the course turned to an interest into the learning plat-from “Future Learn”. I sought out other courses to see what else I could learn from this plat from, and signed up for various other courses that have contributed too and still do to the business I co-founded.

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