Growing up things were binary.

Wrong was wrong and right was right. There was good or bad. You were either a good student or you weren’t. And as children that was a good thing, we needed to learn these standards, we needed to learn the controls,the boundaries and way to measure ourselves and our efforts. These controls were usually set by our parents,guardians or the people around us.

Things are different now, your an adult and still rely on the people around you to set your standards, tell you what to do and call you out on things based on their belief system,understanding or preference.

Unlike when you was a child the people around you don’t always have the best for you at heart or mind. Some don’t want to see you succeed, some just don’t understand what you’re about, or how things actually work for you.

As children we were taught that to fail a test,to fail a subject, to fail an exam, would mean you were not successful. This was correct in the confines of school.

In school things were definite, and finite,out in the real world everything is alot more progressive, and life’s progressive nature only ends when you die.

Because of this failure is not the opposite of success in the real world. Getting something wrong,losing money,failing an assessment, having a relationship fall apart is all part of the progressive growth of you as a person.

School was short, there is an end to the year,to a term and to the schooling year. Life doesn’t end until you do.

So don’t be discouraged if you don’t do something right,if you don’t so well in your next assessment or flunk a semester,break up. Yes it will suck for sure and you’ll have yourself and so instead of trying to feel better about your failure. Use it. Use that feeling of disappointment,that guilt,that hurt all the negative feelings associated with failure to fuel your big come back. You’re already hurting might as well use it for something.

Failure in real life is more an indicator for you to evaluate,change course,overcome and be better. So don’t aim to fail but when you do use it to be better.

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  1. Failure is the opposite to Success.
  2. Following the given process is better than seeking out efficiency.
  3. Being told what to do before doing it.
  4. Doing ONLY what you are told to do.
  5. Everybody is restricted by the same rules as you.
  6. Using free time to escape from the reality of school
  7. Living for the weekend.
  8. Doing things you don’t enjoy just because everybody else is doing so.
  9. Letting your haters affect you.
  10. Working for money.

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