In school I always hated the student that reminded the teacher we had homework to mark.

Yes, I was the talkative noisy student that just disrupted other students. I’d only do things when I really had to, when i was required to by school or the teachers.

Life is far from this, there are 2 extremes. 

1. You get how to do everything 

2. You aren’t told anything and you have to figure it out.

Both of the above have their pros and cons. In my previous article about Seeking Efficiency, you find the pros & cons for being told what to do. 

So I’ll talk about 2. Having to figure things out for yourself. It is about the scariest thing to do because we aren’t taught this in school, it is definitely encouraged but if you was like me we preferred being told what to do. And in school you could wait to be told and the consequences weren’t so bad.

As an adult you have to be able to be proactive,plan,anticipate,plan again and execute. If you keep waiting on being told what to do you will get left behind as an adult. You need to keep up, because life in all its glory and hardships waits for no man. 

Wait for no one, not even you parents, let them endorse what you already came up with instead of letting them continue to plan your life for you.

On the eve of independence let us Papua New Guineans think of how we can help our country.

What can you as an individual do?? In what ways can you contribute to the greater community?? What are you good at?? What do you love doing?? And how can these things help people to the left and right of you??

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  1. Failure is the opposite to Success.
  2. Following the given process is better than seeking out efficiency.
  3. Being told what to do before doing it.
  4. Doing ONLY what you are told to do.
  5. Everybody is restricted by the same rules as you.
  6. Using free time to escape from the reality of school
  7. Living for the weekend.
  8. Doing things you don’t enjoy just because everybody else is doing so.
  9. Letting your haters affect you.
  10. Working for money.

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