Who doesn’t love the school holidays? No early starts, no homework(if you’re lucky), no dirty uniforms to wash, no uniforms to iron, and tones of free time on your hand.

Such is the life of a student, a period of time during schooling year where you take a break from school. In this period of time you are no longer a student, you can be everything else you want to be. This provides a good escape for students.

For me, being an adult means you cant escape being an adult. You can try, you can distract yourself, you can lie to yourself, you can pretend but when all is said and done, Adult life awaits.

Yes we all need a break from the stress,hardship and strife. But we must go into the break with our eyes open realizing that after the break we are back to reality. Too many people are running from their actual life, and have perceptions of themselves and their lives that they claim to have. They do this by practicing a life of escapism, where they think by constantly running from their actual life that it will somehow get better or that they can forget about their problems. This is NEVER the case!

Real Life AWAITS irrespective of the time spent escaping it.

How not to live a life of escapism? how to actually be satisfied with your life and only take breaks for rejuvenation?

Do what makes you happy.

Regardless of the status quo, of doing what you must,doing what you have to, first Do What Makes YOU Happy. It is within “doing what makes YOU happy” that you push through the tough days,the days you don’t feel like being productive or attending to certain tasks.

Because I wish to speak to as broad a audience as possible I will not focus on specific things that will Make YOU Happy. That is left to you as You know You best.

As an individual, you know what gets your blood pumping,what gets you excited,what fulfills you. This doesn’t factor in what pays the bills,what provides the lifestyle you want or makes you look good. Because life will suck if you are basing your reason for existence on what pays the bills,what provides the lifestyle you want and what impresses people. If you find something that does both off the bat consider yourself blessed.

This seems counter intuitive, and most of it seems like I’m suggesting you walk a path of insecurity, but I only speak on what I know through experience.

I’ve spent years reading, and thousands of watch hours on YouTube trying to understand how people like Mark Zuckerberg (used this reference as most people will know who he is,I’ve researched the founding fathers of industry and finance)became successful. The amazing thing is we all think it was skill & intellect, but the more you learn about these people who live in the 1% income bracket you realize all it was, it was desire.

They found a problem in society they wanted to fix,chased a career that made their heart jump, sought out skills that had them fulfilled. All their success, all their “evidence of success” was a byproduct of what they really wanted; Happiness.

So this is my reason for wanting more people to chase happiness more then anything else in this world.

Does this principle work for me? YES IT DOES.

I definitely started in a place of necessity, a place of I have to do this to survive, but over the years it has grown to being doing what I love. Because I started by figuring out MY WHY.

Today, I sit in a hotel room in Jakarta writing this LinkedIn Article as testament to the principles I am preaching. But this hotel room, the travel, the money I make, the business I get, the people I meet are all a byproduct to my real desire for doing what I do. You could take all this away from me and I’d still be in love with my life doing what I love doing.

I’m addicted to the process, to the grind, to the hustle of being a better person then you were yesterday.

What is my why?

Make PNG great through changing the mindsets of the people I know and interact with through Digital Content Creation.

I have kept this very general to be able to reach a wider audience. If you want to have an in depth discussion surrounding figuring out YOUR WHY or have questions please comment on the article or message me. I’d be happy to help.

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  1. Failure is the opposite to Success.
  2. Following the given process is better than seeking out efficiency.
  3. Being told what to do before doing it.
  4. Doing ONLY what you are told to do.
  5. Everybody is restricted by the same rules as you.
  6. Using free time to escape from the reality of school
  7. Living for the weekend.
  8. Doing things you don’t enjoy just because everybody else is doing so.
  9. Letting your haters affect you.
  10. Working for money.


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