At school we hated Mondays, it was the slowest day, the hardest day to get through. We loved Friday though, it meant we could have a two day break from school.

It sucked when we were given tasks by our teachers to do over the weekend, and I didn’t work on mine till Sunday night, because I obviously had to.

I believe for alot of us this where it all started, the love relationship with Friday and the hate relationship with Monday.

As a result we spend the 5 working days as adults looking forward to the weekend. It’s worse if you’re at a job you hate,or a job you do just for the money. Because this means excluding the public holidays and actual good days you only have about 90 days a year to look forward to and enjoy.

That means you only look forward to 24% of a year. By rule of averages, that means you really enjoy less than 30% of your life.

The older we get we were all coerced into the mindset that as adults life now becomes about doing what you must and not what you want. I get why we were given this advice, it was the safer path to be guided down.

I believe by doing this,those elder to us were actually helping us be responsible. Yet for alot of us this has meant being miserable. While I agree we need to be taking care of our responsibilities, I also believe we need to be happy for more than 3 days a week.

I am fortunate enough to be doing what I love and thus love my life all year round.

I strongly believe this is achievable for all of you reading this article. I am speaking to a wide audience so there is no way I could know what individual paths you take. But I do know that if you are reading this you are seeking to find more joy in what you do.

I understand that as young adults we need to be making our own money and be independent,that we need to be making ends meet, that we have responsibilities and some even families to take care of. But I am writing this so that you’re not someone that at the age of 70 regrets not doing more of what they wanted to do, or taking more risks and finding YOUR happiness.

YOU know what makes YOU happy, YOU know YOUR dream job, YOU know the price that needs to be paid for YOU to live a life that YOU are satisfied with.

YOUR dream life may be one of the most unorthodox lifestyles in your family,your generation and even amongst your peers. But it will be YOUR life.

A life YOU are happy with, a life YOU always wanted, a life made for YOU by YOU.

So find a way to put in extra hours into your passion after your day job, lose some sleep, spend some money, work on some weekends,stay busy on public holidays. That life isn’t going to just drop into your lap.

YOU want to be truly happy with YOUR life? Only YOU can make this happen.

If you’d like me to provide some personalized insight to how to you can live a life of satisfaction message me, I’d be happy to take the time to help.

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  1. Failure is the opposite to Success.
  2. Following the given process is better than seeking out efficiency.
  3. Being told what to do before doing it.
  4. Doing ONLY what you are told to do.
  5. Everybody is restricted by the same rules as you.
  6. Using free time to escape from the reality of school
  7. Living for the weekend.
  8. Doing things you don’t enjoy just because everybody else is doing so.
  9. Letting your haters affect you.
  10. Working for money.

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