I created this website ages ago. This was one of my first projects about 5 years ago or so.

I built it around the time I started building the digital marketing services that I offer now.

Then I said once I had clients I’d document it all and blog about it. That didn’t happen. Since then though, I’ve had so many excuses for not using this tool I have at my disposal. The last excuse I had was, let me upgrade the website first then I’ll start blogging and publishing stuff.

Even that didn’t happen lol!

So today (14-08-2021) to just start typing and when I get to the end of this blog post just post it. Wish me luck hehe.

The biggest lesson for this first blog post is just to do, just start, take that leap, risk it not being perfect, risk being judged( because we all know they going to judge you anyway.),but more importantly, execute on the things that your soul thinks you should.

So many of us are afraid to chase the things, people, and endeavors that would bring us so much fulfillment because we are all consciously and subconsciously too afraid of being wrong or making a mistake and or failing. And the judgment that follows.

But failure is part of the process, it’s from failures that the biggest lessons are learned and the biggest improvements are made. Even knowing that I can honestly admit that I’ve shied away from opportunities and paths because of this fear.

This isn’t me ending that cycle completely, but more so just making a stance to keep working at it.

If you’ve not done it before I encourage you to start now, I encourage you to trust your gut, trust your instincts and execute on the things you intrinsically know you should do or doing. The same goes for the things you SHOULDN’T be doing.

The world is getting more complex by the day with all its social constructs. Simplify your decision-making by trusting your gut. That voice isn’t loud enough, not enough conviction from your instincts?

That’s because you need to train that voice, your inner voice needs to be exercised more. You do that by putting it to more work than you do now. If you pay attention you’ll hear the voice getting louder, then you’ll start feeling it as an emotional then almost physical reaction or response.

It’s how successful and effective people get things done. They trust their instincts, they just execute with what they have and figure out the rest on the way to the goal.

So whatever you’ve been holding out on because of fear DO NOW!

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