I might cop a lot of hate for this but this is a statement I live by.

While life is a series of circumstances and situations there is very little outside of our control. This means wherever our adult life ends up is our fault NO MATTER WHAT!

We definitely have your childhood where we are the most vulnerable. There are also special exceptions to this but if you read down you’ll see those aren’t the things I’m discussing here.

Chances are if you’re still reading this despite the title means you are in charge of your life.

So much happens to us in our lives as people. So much so that many of us start to slip into this mindset that things are going to be happening to us for the rest of our lives. That it’s just life, that things are out of our control. That’s actually in my opinion when it gets worse.

There’s a point in our lives as individuals where we are given the opportunity to take charge of our lives. This opportunity comes earlier for some and later for some. Sad thing is, some people miss this opportunity to take charge early on. The good news is it’s a recurring opportunity. I’m in my 20’s so I can’t confirm if this opportunity is recurring for the rest of your life.

What I’m sure of though is that we all have seen this in action, we’ve all seen and even experienced what I’m describing to some extent. We’ve seen what it looks like to keep missing that opportunity. We call them toxic cycles of human behavior. We see the people we love or know go around and around in circles. Making the same mistakes and not being able to learn from them.

This is in my opinion is largely because they refuse to accept responsibility for the situations and circumstances that make up their lives. If you speak to anyone stuck in one of these cycles they’ll blame everything else but themselves for all that’s happening.

If YOU are stuck in a bad spot right now and can’t even accept the smallest responsibility for where you are and who you are , chances are you’re stuck in one of these cycles too.

The good news like I said earlier, is that the change to take control of your life is a reoccurring opportunity as far as I know. But the more time it takes, the more chances you miss and or ignore the harder it becomes to turn things around.

While this is a casual expression of my thoughts via this blog post, the consequences for missing this opportunity are very real and can be very severe. Now that I think about it, it’s probably why people have a mid-life crisis. Because they realize all the wasted opportunities, but by then they are too far down the path opposite to their preferred one to turn around. They do think about making that change, but by then, there’s too much at stake, kids, a mortgage, loans, relationship commitments etc. Maybe, just maybe, that internal conflict manifests into what we commonly know as the mid-life crisis.

If my explanation for the midlife crisis is right, that is a very severe consequence for not taking charge of your life. All our experiences are different, so we all have different paths to take control of our lives. There is no one size fits all solution, each path to taking control of your life varies with each individual.

I’d, however, be happy to help map your individual pathways with you if you wanted. I know how hard it is, so I’d be keen to help those willing to put in the work to take control of their lives.

Reach out to me via the form below, the contact details at the bottom of the page or via my socials. I’d be happy to help.

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