We’ve all done it; we’ve all had reason to.

We’ve all wanted to get as far away as we possibly could from our pain. Some of us succeed temporarily; we go days, months, even years, without feeling a thing.

But one day, you’re just having a good time, you’re alone in your room, or out on a drive, and you feel this deep, gut-wrenching sadness, and you don’t know how to explain it. You don’t know where it came from, or what triggered it, but the thing you had spent so much time running from has caught up with you again.

And you are at a loss for how to deal with it because the pain has gained momentum from all the unresolved emotons, situatuations and problems.

While we should sit there in that pain, in that hurt, through that struggle, and listen to learn.

Most of us, however, start running again. This time, we run harder and further, diving into things, situations, and people we had no business associating ourselves with in the first place.

But in the race away from our pain, we don’t recognize the dangers we are running straight into.

And so our whole life becomes a cycle of the same situations, the same people, the same hurt, the same heartbreak, the same complications, and a never-ending series of UNNECESSARY struggle.

Those who sit in that pain, who feel the hurt, who allow the hurt to soak through their being; they are the ones who find peace.

Because, in my experience, I think the one thing we don’t get is this: healing is only found in the otherwise of pain.

And if we spend our lives running from our pain, then we also spend the rest of our lives running from the solace we are desperate for.

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