I swear, this life we lead is of pure bliss.

Not for anything else, but a life of Honest Hard Work.

It’s long days and longer nights, it’s early mornings and late bed times.
It’s more fast food than home cooked meals.
It’s more work than family and leisure time.
It’s more time away from home than time at home.
It’s more days on the road than in your own bed.
It’s more for a cause than for your own benefit.


I’d like to paraphrase my good big brother, Jordan Seladi, in saying that:

“Our ancestors, our forefathers, our great grandfathers have an amazing work ethic. Hard-work is what most of our traditional beliefs are founded on. Somewhere between there and now, something happened between that period and now that has resulted in a lot of lazy Papua New Guineans.”

~Jordan Seladi~

And honestly, that’s been the biggest drawback of our current society and its societal norms.
Everything is about the next hack, how to do things easier and faster, how to get the quickest results.

Being efficient isn’t an issue at all.

Problem is: there are a lot of people only looking for the easy way.

You gotta get skin in the game.

Infact, if you’re starting out, for the next few months, and even years, forget about the easy ways of doing things.

Do things the hard way, put in the work, grind every second of your life.

Grind at being better, grind at wanting better, grind at deserving better,grind at working harder, grind at setting bigger, better goals, grind at realizing your personal missions, grind at finding yourself, grind at being the best version of yourself.

Forget about the hacks, forget about the easy way of doing things.

Yessssss! Of course that’s going to be hard! Of course that’s going to take a long while!

NOTHING worth your time doesn’t take hard work.



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