Most days I ain’t even thinking about it.
Most days I don’t even notice.
Most days I don’t even have the brain space for it.

But, this life, RIGHT NOW…
This is the life I only dreamt of from the Gerehu Swamp.

This was the life I’d imagine living one day on my walkout from the swamp to the bus stop.
This was the dream I’d spend the commute to work every morning visualizing.
I had absolutely no right to imagine myself being here; nothing from my life there that I could see was a lead-up to this.

But I did anyway.
I was just a uni kid at the time, but I dared to dream.

I had the audacity to imagine that my life would be better.
I had the audacity to see myself doing more than I was.
I had the audacity of wanting to be more than I was.
I had the audacity to want things for myself that I had no business wanting.
I had the audacity of wanting a lifestyle that nobody around me was living.

Yet, here I am.

Here I am living that exact life I had no business wanting in the first place.

Don’t let any-fucking-body tell you otherwise!

Dare to dream!

Then slave every motherfucking day until you’re living that life you only dreamt of!

3 thoughts on “The Audacity

  1. Very true, I can relate but still on this journey of preparation and executing plans towards that goal.

    You have valuable insights that you share because of your audacity.

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