It’s sad how much of the blame we shift from ourselves.

Growing up, I guess it was easy for us to shift the blame.

It was easy for us to rid ourselves of responsibility.

It was easy to not be accountable for our actions.

In most cases, the adults or elders around us carried that blame, responsibility, and accountability.

That’s why it was confusing watching adults shift blame now to situations and circumstances.

So in my late teens and early 20’s, I wasn’t sure if we were supposed to accept the blame and responsibility for the bad in our lives or not.

Because, again, there was a way out, again we could shift the blame to something else, a situation, a circumstance and even other people.

But if that was really the case, if things were just happening to me and I had no control of my life, then what was the point of living??

What was the point if I was just a being in a life on auto pilot??

Because in shifting the blame, we also surrendered our free will, our control, our intellect, our abilities, our lives.

That in essence, meant being a child again.

Yeah, bad things happen,
Yeah, there are things out of your control,
Yeah, there are bad situations you might stumble into,
Yeah, you might be limited and/or oppressed by your circumstances.

But, being where I am now, I can honestly say;

We are all given a way out more than once.

We are all given the opportunity to want better.

We are all given the opportunity to strive for better.

We are all given the opportunity to do better.

From experience, these opportunities work in cycles; they circle back around through different stages of your life.

I’ve seen it, in my own life as well as the lives of others around me.

If you don’t see the opportunity, it circles back around. If you don’t change the circumstances or situation, a way out presents itself more than once in your lifetime.

Yet, even to this day, we as adults shift the blame.

Even though the universe is skewed to see us succeed and be prosperous, we still live unfulfilled, miserable lives, stuck in the negative cycles we’ve been in since kids.
And while you maybe able to argue case by case against me on this, overall, spread over your lifetime, that’s passed and that is yet to come to pass, you’ll see I’m right.

YOU are the reason why you aren’t happy,
YOU are the reason why you aren’t fulfilled,
YOU are the reason why you aren’t successful,
YOU are the reason why you aren’t where you want to be,
YOU are the reason why you aren’t with who you want to be with,
YOU are the reason you are hurting,
YOU are the reason why you are miserable.

But here’s the good news:

YOU can turn things around RIGHT NOW.

Take responsibility of your life.
Hold yourself accountable for all the bad in your life.
Fight through those circumstances.
And make a better life for yourself!

You deserve happiness.

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