It’s 2am in the morning and I’m struggling to stay asleep.

I got a 4am check-in.
I’m in another province by the time people get to work and school.

But I’m nervous because it’s the eve of elections.

We’ve done our 5 years of suffering, and now the powers are returned to us on Thursday.

Starting Thursday we have more power than the 110, soon to be 118.

I’m nervous because I wonder if I’ve done enough in my individual life to educate my fellow Papua New Guineans about the importance of our vote.

I’m nervous because it’s around this time people sell 5 years of their life for a lousy piece of plastic that will be gone by the end of the day they receive it.

And as much as I’m hopeful that more of us know better, a vast majority of Papua New Guineans don’t understand the power they hold as the majority.

Ba planti blo umi harim na behinim all kon na gris toktok blo all “Lambflaps na Beer mahn”.

To quote Hon. Gary Juffa; 

“ba umi harim toktok blo all Lambflaps ba Beer Lida, makim Lamflaps na Beer lida na kisim Lambflaps na Beer development blo 5pela year.”

Photo of Hon. Governor Juffa addressing his people of Kokoda.

So if you’re reading this, please make an 11th hour effort to speak to your peers, your household, your friends and your extended family, especially in rural PNG.

漏 Pixels Perspective

Help them realize the importance of their vote. Help them realize the consequences of selling their votes. Help them realise that they share blame for the state of our country. 

While the majority of our people don’t know any better, very few of us who do, actually put any effort into actually helping our people understand these things.

Let’s go into the 2022 National General Elections with our ears and eyes open. 

Cast votes based on your best assessment of who will change this country for the better.

Nobody is going to come to save us, we have to rescue PNG ourselves.

Stap wantem Yupla!馃挭馃徑馃嚨馃嚞

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