Got reminded this morning by my brother Russell Wai that it’s my birthday on the 24th of May.
That’s how focused I’ve been on the here and now.

Russell & I during PMFC Funday

Then again, I’ve never been one to make that day a big deal anyways.

But where I am now, what I’m doing now, how I am now, I can honestly say this is my best year yet.

I’m out here checking my goals off my list, found myself after getting my heart broken, resigned from my job to chase my dreams, building relationships, and my network, and working on building a legacy worthy of my grandfather’s surname.

Dean Arek with a camera ready to film
Filming during PM’s visit to Divine Hydro in Pro

Most importantly, I’m home province doing work that fills my soul.

As I turn another year older, all I wish is for you is to know what this bliss feels like;

To find yourself.
To find purpose.
To find fulfilment.
To find satisfaction.

And most importantly, to find a cause greater than yourself to give yourself to.

Because I believe with every cell in my body that we are here to leave this world a little better than when we came in.

It’s ultimately why I even bother with all the content I put out.

For nothing else, but for you to know this bliss.

To live your life content.

To live your life fulfilled but ambitious.

To live your life pursuing your dreams.

Dean Arek balancing ronin at Giro Airport Popondetta

Spend the next 6months building you, and thus building a better life.

And yess, you can reach out to me if you get stuck.

All the best!

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