Our people are amazing. Papua New Guineans are extraordinary people.
We are a people who have survived colonial powers.

Raising of PNG Flag for the first time

We are people that survived a world war.

Papua New Guineans carrying injured soldier during World War 2
Papua New Guineans carrying injured soldier.

We are people that are amongst the most resilient in the world.

Spend a few weeks outside of Port Moresby and you realise the level of resilience and independence that exists in our rural communities.

Most of our people have lived a life that is independent of almost all government services and influence.

We have generations of people who have never enjoyed the luxuries of modern life.

I actually feel an immense sense of guilt.

Coming from the city, and living the life I lead, I really have nothing to complain about.

Our people are literally dying because people in suits and beach houses overseas want to line their pockets.

They have amassed large amounts of money yet they will take from the very people that put them in that place of power.

The bark stops at the top.

Photo of Parliament House
Photo of Parliament House

Politicians keep people enticed with cheap political gimmicks and empty promises knowing full well the sufferings of our rural communities.

Public servants want lunch money for every little task they perform even though they are paid every fortnight without fail. Even when they are hardly at work.

Our people in the public service don’t fully realize the impact of their choices.

Using the health department as an example, based on the recent health inquiry;

Someone in Port Moresby decides that it’s a good idea to forfeit a 60million kina Australian Aid funded, efficiently functioning pharmaceutical distribution system just so they can “support local”.

They sacrifice quality control standards just to “support local”.

Now we have one of the worst pharmaceutical distribution systems in the region and world because people came together and decided to break down a proper functioning system.

Photo showing the Port Moresby General Hospital
Photo showing the Port Moresby General Hospital

For what reason? I can only think of personal gain.


Then we complain from our lives of comfort about why our people are so desperate that they’ll sell their votes.

This is why our people fall for the bullshit ribbon-cutting politics that many politicians use as campaign gimmicks.

Because most of rural PNG are forgotten nation of people.

We really gotta do better PNG.

Those of us who can MUST contribute to setting up this nation for the better.

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