What an experience it has been taking part in the 2022 general elections.

Standing beside Hon. Gary Juffa in shirts that I designed.
Standing beside Hon. Gary Juffa in shirts that I designed.

This was my first experience up close and personal with all that encampuses the elections.

And I can honestly say it is nothing like what I imagined it to be.

I had a perception of how things were done that has been completely shattered.

I have so much respect for all those who put their hand up to run and do things the right way.

Anybody that is part of the process will tell you that it is 3months of intense daily activities, risk, danger, anger, frustration, and if you are successful; finally the title of member elect.

But if you are trying to do right by PNG, this is only the first battle, it will be 5 years of battles fought in offices and corridors of our state entities. 

Timelapse from Gordons industrial towards Vision City.

What follows is countless negotiations and mediations between suits and our rural community.Providing them with the benefits and share they are owed. Fending off of malicious corporations that seek to exploit our people, even if it means appearing at the national court for the people you represent.

Doing things the right way, being in politics is really a life of sacrifice. 

I understand that now.

Doing it right is not a joy ride of getting wealthy on public funds.

Doing it right isn’t buying up and building an empire while your people suffer.
Doing it right means protecting your people, even from themselves.
Doing it right means planting the seeds that will mature into a critical mass of people who understand the importance of Economic Independence.
Doing it right means educating your people about the importance of electing legislators.
Doing it right means being misunderstood by the very people you seek to provide a future for.

Because for too long have we elected ribbon cutting, project manager politicians. 

Sunset at Taurama, Port Moresby
Sunset at Taurama, Port Moresby

Ribbon cutters who built fancy buildings, roads, and fancy stadiums.
Ribbon cutters who will only change laws that benefit their sponsors, who are usually conglomerates that don’t care about PNG.

Ribbon cutters who did absolutely nothing about the minimum wage.
Ribbon cutters who did absolutely nothing to change our resource laws, so we could have a fair share of the natural resources that are harvested from our land.

Ribbon cutters who did absolutely nothing about building downstream processing for the various exports we have in PNG.

Ribbon cutters who did absolutely nothing about fixing our public service machinery.

What’s worse is these so-called leaders have for so long benefited directly from the chaos that our country seems to operate in.

So they are invested in keeping the chaos, so that it could benefit them and their sponsors who are businesses operating in PNG, with absolutely no regard for PNG.

The onus now is on all of us who know better, to do better. 

Go home, educate our people, challenge our people to do better and be better for themselves.

We all have to contribute.

Too many good people only speak of what should be done.

Too many good people don’t contribute to the solutions they speak of.

Too many good people are too afraid to act on the things they speak up about.

Too many good people aren’t taking a stand.

Too many good people aren’t willing to pay the price for the version of PNG they idolize.

We are in the fight of our lives for a future that is fast slipping away.

The arrival of PMFC staff at Jacksons Domestic Terminal

2 thoughts on “We are in the fight for our Lives

  1. Thank you for pointing it out.
    These so-called leaders are manipulative and cunning especially when they are in possession of wealth and power. Also, in competent when it comes to situations like the inflation has accelerate at this period of time, and they do not know how to effectively approach it or have done nothing about it.
    My experience during this election period (2022) was pretty frustrating, disappointing and chaotic, it can get a lot worse especially if you’re in the Highlands Region. It was my first experience here in Goroka, candidates are paying for the voters who blindly acted like puppets who literally threatened and overrides the decisions of the POs, RO, ARO and of course the minority to “turn the ballot boxes”. I didnt get the chance to exercise my constitutional right to vote.

    I support the idea of educating our people to make better and fair decision for themselves and the country and not the deceptive and corrupt leaders.

    1. Thankyou for taking the time to read and share your thoughts. We do need a critical mass of people who are doing the right thing and influencing others to be willing to do the right thing too.

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