We are all fighting demons.
Our demons come in various shapes and sizes.
Our demons torment us in various ways.
BUT we are ALL fighting demons.

Some of us are on the edge.
Some of us are losing the fight.
Some of us are knocked down.
Some of us are still standing.
And some of us are one with our demons.

All I know is, we need to recognise this as individuals. We need to be able to see when someone’s demons have them on their arse.
We need to be able to know when to lend a hand and pick them off the floor.
So many people are struggling with their demons. It’s draining the life out of them.

Yes, it is their doing.
Yes, it is their choice.
Yes, it is the consequences of their actions.

The fight is for the individual but the defeat and rebound doesn’t have to be.

No, I’m not making excuses for them. I’m the last person to show sympathy for those who have dug their own graves. But I reckon, every once in a while it wouldn’t hurt to throw someone you know a lifeline.

Because when it comes down to it we all only trying to survive.
When it comes to it, we all trying our best at some point.
When it comes to it, we all trying to make ends meet.
When it comes to it, we all trying to do what we can.
When it comes to it, we all trying for ourselves and our loved ones.

When it comes to it, WE ARE ALL fighting demons.

2 thoughts on “We all fighting demons

  1. Hi Dean, this is yet another beautiful piece! Please don’t stop doing what you’re doing… There are people out there that need mental enlightenment and what better way to have it from a fellow countryman. Kudos to you!

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