It’s easy to get distracted. It’s easy to fall behind. Next thing you know you’re 40 and you’ve woken up to a person you don’t recognize.

You wake up and wonder where time has gone. 

You wonder what happened? 

You wonder how you were on autopilot all this time??

How did you let this much time pass without attaining all you desired? 

How did you not notice yourself slipping? 

Where did your ambition go??

Where did your drive go?

Where did your motivation go? 

Where did all your determination go?

When did you become so complacent?

When did you give up on your dreams?

When did you give up on yourself?

You may be reading this thinking, “nahh, that isn’t going to happen to me”.

But while you read this you are procrastinating on something.

While you sit here scrolling, there are dreams and aspirations of yours that are collecting dust. 

Photo by Mathias of YABIL MEDIA

Stored away for “later” use. Some all the way forsaken. Some dreams now categorised as unattainable. 

Some aspirations deemed as fantasy.

But thats exactly how it happens. That’s exactly how you slip away. 

That’s how you lose yourself. That’s how you kill your dreams and bury your aspirations.

Not in the big momentous gestures and moments in the spotlight. 

No, you lose yourself in the day-to-day. You forsake your desires for a better life in the everyday struggle. 

You kill your dreams in the day-to-day chatter of mediocrity. You lose your long-term vision as you focus on the here and now.

See, being successful is simple. It only takes doing the same thing over and over again.

But what is the “thing” you ask??

You wake up every day and decide you’re going to go all out. 

You wake up and DECIDE; “I’m not going to let this state be the rest of my life. I’m not going to continue being a liability.”

“I’m not going to continue being mediocre. I’m not going to spend the rest of my life doing this. I’m not going to continue living for the weekend. I’m not going to continue trying to escape my reality.”

Because being successful at anything in life is a choice. It isn’t something that just falls in your lap. It isn’t something that just happens to God’s chosen few. 

Being successful is a lifestyle of dedication and determination. Being successful is a lifestyle of sacrifice long-suffering.

Don’t be fooled. There are no shortcuts! There are not hacks! There is no work around.

Photo of Dean Arek scrolling on his phone.
Photo taken by Patrick of Native Pixels

It’s either you want it or you don’t. How much you want something is determined by the work you put in.

If you ain’t where you want to be yet, or not at the very least on the path to get there,


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