Yeah, I’m here too. I’m scrolling too. I’m swiping too. I’m watching them videos on mute too. I’m opening up and reading people’s comment sections too. I’m following shared posts and links back to the drama too. .

But why do we do it?? Why do we spend so much time wasting time??

In a time when we have so much information on our fingertips. We spend time poking fun at someone who said finger instead of poke.

The pressure to be perfect, a never-ending gap.Shallow connections, a mile wide and an inch deep. No time for true relationships to keep

In a time when there is so much else to do, we let the oversexualized jokes, comments, and even “leaked” sex tapes soak up our moments.

In a time when we are able to reach through this device and explore all that is left for us to aspire for, we are complacent.

A barrage of information, never-ending noise. A world of distraction, at the cost of our time.

We’d rather watch cooking videos hungry than get up and cook. We’d rather watch gym videos then actually work out. We’ll sit on our backsides not even capable of a job screaming and chearing and even criticising some of the most athletic people there are.

No, no. You’re not in this alone. I’m stuck here wasting time too.

But why are we here and online letting ourselves fall further into depression and anxiety when the most uplifting and encouraging content in the world is one YouTube search away??

If it’s not the same. If that’s different, how and why do we let the negativity online affect us and not the positivity?

Our lives online through our devices should be an extension of our reality not the extent of our experiences of reality.

I’m not a boomer trying to get you off your phone. No, I’m a millennial trying to get you to see the potential we continue to waste scrolling.

So let us pause, and take a breath. Free from the distractions, experinceing life at its best

Social media, we must use with care.

Our full potential awaits us.

4 thoughts on “Our lost time

  1. I love how you detailedly pointed out what we all are struggling with.

    It takes one that desires growth and improvement to not be complacent enough to feed their minds with such never ending noise.

    I love this. Keep it coming🇵🇬

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