The last few months of 2023 have been different. I’ve been moving differently,doing things differently, working differently, desiring different things and even planning differently.

Not a bad different, just different. A good different.

Russell Way & Dean Arek

This was always the goal I guess, to reach this stage, to get to a place that allows for me to move the way I can now.

To get to a place where I can want what I want.

To get to a place where my priorities are different.

To get to a place where the possibilities yet everything is certain.

To get to a place where everything is just a matter of time.

To get to a place where I’m trying to decide between the various possibilities and options I’ve created.

To get to a place where it isn’t about choosing between right and wrong, but choosing what you want more.

To get to a place where it’s no longer about what you want, but what you want first.

To get to a place where you don’t have all you want, but know you have all you need.

To get to a place now where you know without doubt who will be in your life for the rest of your life.

To get to a place where you know will be carrying your child and know without a doubt who will be carrying your coffin.

Liam Daingo, Russell Wai & Dean Arek on the Kokoda highway

Maybe this is just adulthood I’m reading too much into.

Maybe this is how those who came before me thought.

Maybe this is how those before me moved.

All I know is life is really what you make of it.

Regardless of your circumstances.

Regardless of your trauma.

Regardless of your hardships.

Regardless of your failures and shortcomings.

What you regard as a fulfilling and successful life is still in the cards for you if you want it.

Sunset on the water on the way to Tufi

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, it really depends on how much you want it.

And how much you want it is reflected in your actions not your words.

We’ve all had ideas, we’ve all had dreams, we’ve all had fantasies about how our life would be.

Sadly only about 10% of us will ever have the courage to bring these dreams to life.

Yes, I said courage because only a small percentage of people have the courage to pay the price for the life they want.

So make sure you’re part of the 10%.

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